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Inspired by the small boutique of South California, founder Fumie and Kaoru produced handmade jewerly brand " ABELO" in June 2014 Los Angeles, California. 


They both are originally from Japan, and cureently living / working in fashion and jewelry industry in California since 1999.


They envisioned ABELO as a mixture beutiful culture filled with delicate gold jewerly, and items organized around a few simple idea : fresh, modern, unique, beautiful and well made.


Kaoru is continually looking for pieces that possess the perfect juxtaposition of opposites : casual & elegant, refined and raw, edgy and enduring, simple and sophisticated.


Fumie is a GIA graduate gemologis, her background with qualification in jewerly design provides her with and experienced eye for creating pieces that are both on trend and timelessly chic.


ABELO has strong conection and trust with jewelers who has elaborate skills and professional experiences.  All our jewels crafted by master artisan one by one in their macig hand. 

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